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The basic elements of every washing machine are the same: a tub that is watertight; drums to store the washing, electric valves that let the water into the tub; heating elements to heat the water, an electric motor to spin and drain the drum and a computer to control the switching of the various components. It is simpler to maintain and repair your washing machine after you are aware of the way each component functions.

What is the process of a programmer

The programmer is the washing machine's brain. Once you have selected the appropriate settings for the fabric to be cleaned the program will take the reins. Whenever you plan for to find out extra information about washing machine, you must browse https://www.ziemellatvija.lv/reklamraksti/velas-masina-vienam-cilvekam-ka-izdarit-izveli-157109 website.

Every program is a combination of the same elements that determine the quantity of water that is pumped through the inlet valves (which dictates how far the clothes fall after they drop off the top of the drum--and consequently how hard they strike the water); the temperature of the water and detergent solution; the length of time the drum turns for during the spin and wash sequences and how fast it turns.

The programmer also regulates the operation of the pump to drain the machine at various points in the wash cycle.

What happens during a washing cycle?

Programming the controller and switching on the machine will activate the door lock when the door is closed, it is not able to be opened until the programme is finished.

The programme starts as soon as the door has been locked. The inlet valves are open, allowing water to flow through the drum. The water flows through the tray for detergent the collection powder or liquid.

The water that enters the drum compresses air in a pressure chamber. this pressure is relayed along an elastic pressure tube to a switch for pressure, which shifts the inlet valves to the water level that is programmed.

The heating element turns on increasing the temperature of the water to the pre-programmed temperature. On very hot washes, only the hot inlet valve will be opened. This reduces the time that the heating element is active.

The motor is turned on and the drum spins at a speed of 55 rpm. This is the best rate for washing clothes. They stay on the drum until the top of a revolution , then they fall back into the detergent solution.

The motor is turned off and the pump turned on to remove the of the dirty water via a lint filter and the drain hose. The cold inlet valve can be opened after an intense wash to cool the fabric and protect them from any damage.

To start the rinse process to begin the rinse cycle, shut off the pump and then open the cold valve. The process continues with the tub filling at the level set while the drum rotates as well as the water being pumped.

When the final rinse the spin cycle begins. The motor is switched on, revolving the drum at high speed. In the meantime, the pump is turned on to draw the water out of the garments.

The motor of your own washing machine is turned off. After a delay to allow the drum to stop spinning and the door lock to be removed. The program is now complete and the door can be opened.

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